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 Example Game

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Name: john
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PostExample Game

John: john held the gun at Alex and warn " one move and I will blow your head off"

Alex: Alex holding his hands up declared " you stole my hamburger, you will pay for life John"
Alex roll the dice " Can I use NPM ?" and FAIL. He cannot use [] method

John: john laugh victoriously, " haa haa haa, that was the most delicious hamburger I've ever eaten. Now you I warn you buy me another hamburger or I will blow off your head" sternly looks at him.
John took dice roll "Can I use NPM ?" and PASS. He can use [] method

Alex: Alex restlessly replied, " I told you I don't have any money now. And besides That hamburger was a gift from my girlfriend, you will pay with your life for eating it up"
Alex took dice roll "Can I Use NPM?"FAIL. He cannot use [] method

John: Step behind and [pull the trigger of the shotgun *escape*]

Alex: Alex dive on the floor
Alex took dice roll ESCAPE and PASS. He succeed to escapeor perform the action

John: John saw he missed Alex, he reload his gun.
John took dice roll "Can I Use NPM?" and PASS. He can use [] method

Alex: stood up "what the heck, John now you are really gonna die"
Alex took dice roll "Can I Use NPM?" FAIL. He cannot use the [] method

John: John came closer and [fire again at Alex *run*]

Alex: Alex ran behind the barrels
Alex took dice roll RUN and FAILS. He fails to Run or perform the action.

John: John step beside the bloody body of Alex and declare once more " that was the best hamburger I've eaten" walks away towards the sunset. Air blowing away dry leafs along the dusty road.

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Example Game

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