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 Game Rules And Guidelines

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PostGame Rules And Guidelines

You cannot use dice rolls anytime you want, but only when the other member pass you with NPM (non player moves). When you roll you do not roll more than 6 or max 12 it makes the post long and and dirty.


Alex: gettng very angry at John he bend down pick a stone and
[lunged at john on his eye to blind hime. *escape* run*]

John: John saw Alex pick a stone and as the stone flew towards his face he duck
' now john can pick the dice escape or run according to the PCP () entries.
'dice roll: pass fail pass fail pass fail pass
the last roll is the result, in this case john pass to duck or

john: John seeing the stone lunged at him ran away behind the table
'dice rolls: fail pass pass fail pass fail
John here fails to ran behind the table in this case Alex can continue that the stone hit John as Alex intended to in the first place

you can use NPM [] method only when you pass to use " Can I use NPM" dice rolls
And when you use NPM [] at least one PCP ** method should be used like above.

PCP can be used anytime to give another player a control on your character or situation.

Alex: Alex took a *glass of water and gave to John*
John: John kick Alex hand with the glass of water spilling on his face.

but Alex cannot use two level depth control like
John: John kick Alex hand with the glass of water spilling on his face and Alex was bleeding
that's a violation of NPM non player moves

The text with [] bracket. This can be use only when you pass to use through dice rolls, but the GPM (game plot master) the author of the game or game session starter can use this anytime he wants according to the number provided.
whats the number provided ?
The NPM method numbers depend upon number of stage or number of levels. Eg: A game with three level or rooms BATHROOM, BEDROOM, BACKYARD. In this game the GPM (game plot master ) has three NPM moves to use. He can use two NPM moves in one or more rooms, only limited to numbers. Each "Can I Use NPM ?" Pass is to be used immediately at your next post, after that you loose the moves. You have to roll again to use.

Moves or post cannot be double, you can use one opposing NPM move only once. Also PCP (player control pass * *) only once

Alex: Stood *near the cliff*
John: Ran over Alex and push him down the cliff.
Kane: Walk over to Alex and say "don't stand near the cliff"


The game moderator or game session starter. Please provide detail instruction when you start a game.

1. Present your game in detail Maps (can post pictures) mission goals, Climax, Enemies, No. Of players, game-type,weapons stages etc

2. State the start point of each character. Alex start in Bathroom, Kane start In Backyard.

3. Each Stage,level, or rooms should be a separate thread or topic thread. Moving to level with complete description.
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Game Rules And Guidelines

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